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LOW FREEZE (-15°C to -20°C)

(Vertical) type - Completely made of SS-304



Temperature Range -15°C to -20°C

Both inner & outer chambers made of high quality stainless steel SS 304 grade

Double external doors for use convenience

Aesthetic luxurious finish, durable, rounded interior corners, durable & easy to clean

Microcontroller & digital display of temperature.

Superior refrigeration design with easy accessibility for service maintenance.

Smooth Castor wheels, front two with brakes.

3 No.s of Thick Epoxy Plastic coated steel shelves, adjustable

CFC-free, R-134a refrigerant, environmentally friendly

CFC-free, environment friendly Cyclopentene foaming  PUF insulation

Low noise, comfortable operation.

Energy-Saving design, effectively reduces electricity consumption

Self-closing door design

Door frame cold-bridge cut off design, can effectively prevent the refrigerating loss

Input power 220-240 Volts, supplied with power cord & plug.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer with high and low voltage cut off.

Circular Chart temperature recorder (Optional extra cost)      

Datalogger with display for continuous logging of temperature through external USB  (Optional extra cost)      

Datalogger with SMS alert system (Optional extra cost)                                                           

Cryo Coolant cassettes (rectangular anodized aluminium cassettes) with special cryogenic  coolant inside to protect the samples in frozen condition over a period of 24 - 36 hours during  power failure  (Optional extra cost)