Blood Bag Refrigerator (4°C ± 2°C)



Cryo Scientific Blood Bag Refrigerators meet critical standards on safety, reliability and user friendliness as demanded by Blood Transfusion experts of today. Specially designed for consistent and reliable storage of whole blood at a safe temperature +4°C. Available in four models of 60,160, 300 and 600 bags – capacities to suit small, medium and large blood banks.


  • Microprocessor based digital temperature controller.
  • Alarms for temperature deviation (High/Low), power failure and door open condition.
  • Auto Rechargeable Battery back-up for temperature display, chart recorder and alarm during power failure.
  • Automatic voltage stabilizer with high / low voltage cut-off & time delay restart.
  • Input 220/240V, 50 Hz, power cord & plug.
  • CE certified by TUV-SUV.


  • Microprocessor based temperature chart recorder.
  • Built-in, circular, weekly (7-day) recorder.
  • Graphic chart provides permanent record of storage conditions.


  • Outer Cabinet made of durable pre-coated, galvanized sheets and interior made of non-rusting Stainless steel SS 304 sheets.
  • Fully extendable drawers with dividers made of turret punched and corrosion free stainless-steel sheets for convenient storage of blood bags and permitting free turbulence of cold air.
  • No frost, Positive forced air circulation ensures temperature uniformity.
  • Self-closing, Double pane glass door, lock as standard.
  • Interior full length cabinet light with an ON/OFF switch.
  • Non-CFC, environment-friendly PUF insulation.
  • Fitted with castors, front two with brakes.

Data Table



(No of Bags)

No of Trays

Internal Dimension

W x D x H (mm)

External Dimension

W x D x H (mm)

BBR-60 60 3 430 x 430 x 850 560 x 520 x 1530
BBR-160 160 4 560 x 450 x 1310 650 x 610 x 2080
BBR-300 300 5 610 x 530 x 1310 700 x 690 x 2080
BBR-600 600 10 1240 x 480 x 1310 1220 x 690 x 2080