Component Freezer


Control System

  • Microprocessor Control with Digital LED display of temperature.
  • Membrane Keypad, password protect configurations & self-diagnosis.
  • Temperature sensor PT100/NTC for temperature measurement.
  • Audio Visual Alarm for temperature Deviation, power failure, low battery, door open, clogged filter/high ambient & system failure, power Abnormal.

Eco-Friendly Refrigeration System

  • Refrigeration System with unique technology for rapid cooling.
  • Imported compressors of reputed brand, operating in parallel.
  • Non-CFC, Non-HCFC, environment friendly refrigerant mixture.
  • Super silent operation with low noise level.
  • Air cooled condenser aided by continuous rated ebm fan motor.
  • High purity copper coils all around the inner cabinet for efficient cooling
  • Safe stop and time delay restart provide additional safety.

Cabinet design

  • Inner cabinet and adjustable shelves made of stainless steel SS304.
  • Outer cabinet of CRCA sheet with durable paint and attractive finish.
  • High efficiency double foaming insulation of CFC – free, eco-friendly PUF insulation with Vacuum in Panel (VIP+)
  • Ergonomically designed Patent technology insulated main door & individual inner sub doors.
  • Twin circuit of durable silicon gaskets prevent air seepage and ensure excellent sealing.
  • Patented CAM action lock with handle & vacuum release device for easy door opening.
  • Power source 220 volt/50 Hz, Single Phase.
  • Hot condenser line around the mouth of the cabinet prevents moisture condensation.
  • Bottom panel dust filter to maintain condenser clean
  • Heavy duty swivel casters with brakes for easy movement.
  • Separate inner sub doors to reduce temperature loss.
  • ISO Standards Certified & CE marked product.
  • Durable latch with pad lock.
  • Hot condenser line around the mouth of the cabinet prevents moisture condensation.

Data Table




Internal Dimension

W x D x H (mm)

External Dimension

W x D x H (mm)

CF-V-100 100 450 x 490 x 500 1030 x 740 x 815
CF -V-325 340 470 x 575 x 1250 760 x 870 x 2000
CF -V-500 520 585 x 700 x 1270 930 x 1041 x 1947